Buy a bike in «MyBike» and free yourself from thinking about where to repair your iron friend. Just contact us! Cooperation with us is very convenient, because we provide the setting, repair and maintenance services for all types of bicycles (kids’, women’s, high speed, mountain, etc.) from such famous brands as Trek, Cube, Salcano and many other. 
We provide such service as the replacement of bicycle parts, including plugs, bushings, slide, brakes, wheels and so on. Find a more detailed list of services and the pricelist below. Price list prices do not include the costs of spare parts.

WorkPrice (AMD)
Chain lubrication without cleaningFree
Installation of accessories500
Tube repair500
Tyre replacement500
Setting the air forks and shock absorber suitable for your weight1000
Replacement brake rotors and / or pads1000
Steering system adjustement1000
Brake rotor correction1000
Replacement of the steering handles (grips): for couple 1000
Chain replacement or chain repair2000
Steering replacement with coin and brake levers reintalation2000
Front wheel sleeve repair2000
Setting the speed selector1000-2000
Replacement and adjustment of the speed selector3000
Rear wheel repair3000
Cable replacement 1000-3000
Rim correction1000-6000
General inspection, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of systems10000-12000
Hydraulic brakes refilling5000-7000
Individual assembly bicycle10000-40000

If the  accessories are bought from us  , the installation is free of charge.